Weekly Best-Of

I’m a big fan of edited lists of readings that take the work out of browsing articles upon articles just to find some decent content. One of my favorites is the now (apparently) defunct TTHOR, which was basically a weekly-best of list of readings and videos for geeks.

I appreciated its simplicity, but it sometimes had too much content to be digested in an afternoon. I’d prefer if the list were whittled down to somewhere between 3 - 5 items, since I find it hard to absorb much more than that in a single sitting.

So I’m going to try to put together a weekly list of recommended readings that I enjoyed, and I hope you will, too. Who knows, maybe I’ll start an email newsletter of my own one day.

  1. The Development of Wayfinding Sans Pro

    Writing at I Love Typography, Ralf Herrmann does a great job of explaining his design decisions behind creating the Wayfinding Sans Pro typeface. The design and art direction of the article is top notch to boot.

  2. Craig Mod’s, a pointable we series

    Craig Mod follows up his wonderful The Digital <–> Physical essay with three short articles about linking on the web and what it really means for content to exist.

  3. Building with Content Choreography

    Jordan Moore introduces and explains the basics behind the CSS3 flexbox property, and how it can be an invaluable tool for Responsive Web Design, especially on small-width devices such as phones.

  4. Choose Your Adventure!

    And finally Kyle Neath shares his slides from a recent talk. He writes: > Designers can’t be developers and companies who build web apps can’t build desktop apps. Well, maybe in 1997 — but it’s 2012. Things done changed. It’s time to focus on building amazing companies full of fantastic people. Build amazing apps that people love to use. Screw false specialization, iOS shops, and mobile-only products. Amen to that.