Weekly Best-Of

Monday was Memorial Day in the States, so I took the day off from posting the weekly roundup. Hope you enjoy this week’s as much as I did.

  1. Sweep the Sleaze

    Great post by Oliver Reichenstein about the pointlessness of the ubiquitous social media buttons that often accompany blog posts. > If you’re unknown, social media buttons make you look like a dog waiting for the crumbs from the table. You might have magnificent writing skills and a lot to say, but you will still only get a few retweets and likes. Yes, it’s not fair, but that’s the way it is. If you’re known, you will get attention, even for the mediocre. If you’re not known, no matter how good you are, initially you won’t. That button that says “2 retweets” will be read as: “This is not so great, but please read it anyway? Please?”

  2. Please Learn to Write

    Rands offers some sage advice to anyone: learn to write well. > Writing is the connective tissue that creates understanding. We, as social creatures, often better perform rituals to form understanding one on one, but good writing enables us to understand each other at scale.

  3. The Great Discontent: Dan Cederholm

    Great interview with Dan Cederholm at The Great Discontent.

  4. Instagram for Webpages

    An intriguing idea to resuscitate a dying medium: amateur web design popularized by both MySpace and Geocities. Say what you will about the quality of design coming from those sites, it was still awesome to have all of that expression captured.