NYTimes Compendium

I love this idea from the New York Times: > Compendium invites readers of The New York Times like you to use articles, imagery, videos, and quotations to tell your own stories using New York Times content. Each collection has a description that you can use to introduce the collection as a whole, and each item in your collection has a place for you to describe what was important, interesting, or funny about it. Once created, you can share your collection or link to it from anywhere. Compendium is also a great place to discover and explore interesting stories through a wide variety of collections created by our readers, editors, and reporters.

It reminds me a lot of Evan Williams’ Medium.

On a related note, I notice myself getting a lot more useful and interesting content through other sources than RSS and Twitter these days, notably through email newsletters, Readability’s Readlists, and collections like Compendium and Medium. Definitely something going on here.