Learning and Writing Swift

There’s no doubt to be a glut of want-to-be iOS developers clamoring for resources to learn Swift after Apple’s announcement of the language last week at WWDC. Count me among them.

As someone who for years wanted to dip their toes into the waters of iOS development, the time doesn’t seem better than now to give it a go. I compiled the best Swift-language resources I’ve found below.

Sample Apps

Official Apple Resources

People who talk about Swift

Apple NDA Demos linked on Github

I’m not sure whether or not these demos fall under an NDA restriction or not, but I found them on Github so grab them while you can. * Lister: A Productivity App Built in Swift * UICatalog: Creating and Customizing UIKit Controls in Swift * Adventure: Building a SpriteKit Game Using Swift * GestureRecognizers: Using standard UIGestureRecognizers in Swift

Misc. Resources